Solutions for Senior Living

Spiritual Health is an essential part of Healthy Aging.  It is one of the four aspects of aging:  Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Activity Level.  And it has been shown that a belief in God promotes good health and longevity.  Visit our new YouTube channel, BIBLE BUZZ, to view our recent Straight Talk program, "Activate Your Faith," along with other great programs.

"Straight Talk from The Holy Bible" is a faith-based television program produced and hosted by Lynn Brennan.   In our daily living, behind the physical is always the spiritual.  Study of the scriptures will make that connection work for you on a daily basis.  Enjoy watching two of our recent favorite programs below:

1.  "A Heart for God" w/ Maureen Nunn, teaching Life Skills in Uganda.

2.  "One Way--Jesus" w/ Pastor Mando Luna.

If you need a Bible, or any other particular book, contact us at Christian Bibles & Books.  Our motto:  If it's in print, we have it.  All books and supplies are sold at discount. You may contact us: E-mail or call